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Review the 4 Pillars of Your Financial Health

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Financial Security

Financial security is the most important factor of your financial health because it’s the foundation upon which you’ll build your best financial life. It ensures that you can save for your financial goals, pay for your current lifestyle, and have money in case of an emergency.

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Without winning the lottery, it’s almost impossible to have the cash on hand to pay for a major purchase (house, car, etc.) or retire when you want to. Saving money over time allows you to build up the funds to pay for your financial goals.

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Debt Management

Debt can be good or bad depending on what it’s used to purchase. Having too much debt can put you in a dire financial situation and prevent you from accomplishing your financial goals. It’s important to maintain an appropriate level of debt that your income can support so all of your hard-earned money isn’t going towards repaying it.

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Insurance protects you, your loved ones, and your property (car, home, phone, etc.) from the unknown. Whether it’s an accident, disease, or a weather event, having insurance can keep you from experiencing a huge financial setback.