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Issue 104: Stimulus Passed, Unemployment Tax Break, Rental Assistance, FinTok, Netflix Crackdown, and more!

by | Mar 12, 2021

Here’s this week’s money news

President Joe Biden’s COVID stimulus bill explained in 6 charts

The American Rescue Plan is more than just a $1,400 direct payment or a robust vaccine distribution program …read more

What to do if you already filed taxes but want to claim the $10,200 unemployment tax break

People should be prepared to possibly file an amended income tax return that will claim the exemption …read more

Rental Assistance is now available. Here’s who qualifies, and how to get in line for it

Relief is on the way for those who have fallen behind on their rent during the coronavirus pandemic …read more

A CFP debunks the most popular money advice he sees on TikTok 

“FinTok” (aka personal finance TikTok) is the name for the platform’s growing trend where users, or self-proclaimed experts, offer advice on what to do with your money …read more

 Netflix may crack down on password sharing

The streaming giant is testing a new feature that could help it crack down on password sharing …read more

18 People Shared How The Pandemic Year Changed Their Finances And It’s Eye-Opening

To mark the anniversary of this long, strange, and difficult year, I asked the BuzzFeed Community to share how the pandemic has affected their finances. Here are their stories …read more


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