Your Weekly Fisecal Vol 5

by | Jun 26, 2020

Happy Friday and Happy NYC Pride (Quarantine) Weekend!!

It’s time for this week’s best personal finance articles, hand-picked by us. Check them out below:

1. Americans Will Soon Need Extra Money They Saved in Lockdown – Bloomberg

“It’s not just the poor who are vulnerable, data suggest. Even well-off middle-class families may struggle to come up with the cash to endure an economic drought of more than a couple months –- because they tend to hold savings in assets that are difficult and costly to access in an emergency.”

2. 8 Things You Don’t Need To Have Figured Out By 30 – The Financial Diet

“There’s no denying the overwhelming amount of pressure society places on us to achieve things by a certain age. Social media doesn’t help, either. But if we take a step back and look at the bigger picture, beyond the small Instagram squares we scroll through every day, we’ll realize there doesn’t have to be a timeline for success.”

3. How To Make Strategic & Impactful Donations, According To A Personal Finance Expert – Yahoo Finance

“Given the way we’ve adapted to use social media, scrolling quickly through feeds and stories, it may be tempting to throw a bit of money at every cause you come across or simply move on without sharing a cent, but neither of these paths is the most effective. Making impactful donations does take some strategy, especially if you’re working on a budget, as so many of us are.”

4. IRS To Pay Interest On Your ‘Late’ Tax Refund – Forbes

“If you file by July 15th, the IRS considers its refund to you to be late but it doesn’t consider your tax return to be late.”

5. U.S. consumer spending rebounds; falling income, surging COVID-19 cases loom – Reuters

“U.S. consumer spending rebounded by the most on record in May, but the gains are not likely to be sustainable, with income dropping and expected to decline further as millions lose their unemployment checks starting next month.”

Bonus: LGBT+ History by the Decades: Stonewall – AreYouGay YouTube Channel


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