Your Weekly Fisecal Vol 6

by | Jul 3, 2020

Happay Friday and Happy 4th of July weekend!

It’s time for this week’s best personal finance articles, hand-picked by us. Check them out below:

1. 5 key takeaways from a strong June jobs report – AP News

“most economists warn that the risks ahead outweigh the reasons to cheer as the economy and the job market struggle to emerge from a devastating meltdown triggered by the coronavirus.

Further hiring gains are imperiled by a resurgence of COVID-19 cases throughout the South and West. And despite a solid rebound in employment, the job market remains badly damaged — by the pandemic itself, by the lockdowns imposed to contain it and by a loss of confidence among Americans fearful of returning to shops and restaurants until a vaccine or an effective treatment for the virus is available.”

2. How to cope with financial stress and anxiety during troubling times – CNBC

“I really encourage people to figure out what are your top five things that can help you to feel better when you’re overwhelmed. Know those top five. Then activate, go after and do it. Once you do that, you can now be in a place where you can maybe be more productive or you can be your best self.”

3. In these ‘weird times,’ look at every dollar as a possible addition to your emergency fund – CNBC

“Save as much as you can so you have that buffer in case something happens to threaten your household income”

4. No more postponing: IRS confirms tax day will be July 15  – Yahoo Finance

“Taxpayers who can’t file by that time can request an extension until Oct. 15, 2020 by filing a Form 4868 electronically by using Free File from the major tax prep companies or by mailing a paper form to the IRS address for your state by July 15.”

5. Understanding Credit – Forbes

“Establishing and building good credit is often essential to achieving financial success in life

Bonus: 21 Delightfully Odd Pictures From 4th Of July History – Buzzfeed


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