Your Weekly Fisecal Vol 7

by | Jul 10, 2020

 Happy Friday!

Just a reminder, Wednesday, July 15th is Tax Day, so be sure to file your taxes or an extension.

It’s time for this week’s best personal finance articles, hand-picked by us. Check them out below:

1. Freelancer? Independent contractor? You’re eligible for this $1,000 grant from the government – CNBC

“there’s another provision of the EIDL [Economic Injury Disaster Loan] program, called the advance, under which small-business owners can collect a $1,000 grant per employee for up to 10 employees, or $10,000. And those funds don’t need to be repaid.

If you don’t have employees and are a sole proprietor, freelancer or independent contractor, you still can apply for a $1,000 grant for yourself.”

2. How COVID-19 is accelerating the shift to a cashless society – The Philadelphia Inquirer

“The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the trend toward a cashless economy, financial experts say, buoyed by the growth of e-commerce and the fear of handling paper money contaminated with COVID-19.

3. Today’s Definition of Financial Adulthood Is More Flexible Than Ever – NerdWallet

“instead of marching past uniform milestones, plenty of 30-somethings are drawing their own maps to adulthood with newer and more flexible markers: finally moving out of their parents’ house and living on their own; settling into a job that feels more like a long-term career; moving in with a partner; or simply staying employed in the midst of a pandemic.”

4. 5 Positive Money Habits I Only Adopted Because Of Quarantine – The Financial Diet

“I quickly learned the importance of making responsible financial decisions all the time and every day because you can never know when there might be an emergency. I am incredibly fortunate and privileged to still be working full-time during the pandemic. I feel immensely grateful that I have not been laid off or let go, although I did receive a significant pay cut. In order to manage this and other COVID related life changes due to the virus, I have had to get honest with myself about my financial habits and make some serious adjustments for the better.

5. The truth about medical bills sent to collections – MarketWatch

“Medical bills account for over half of all collections with an identifiable creditor.

Many times, medical bills hit collections because you didn’t even realize you owed anything.”

6. How virtual card numbers can help prevent credit card phishing scams – CNBC

“Some credit card issuers offer virtual card numbers to protect your real credit card number from phishers and hackers. A virtual card number is a digital copy of your credit card with a randomly-generated number that links to your account when you make online purchases. This creates an invisible buffer between bad actors and your real card number, making credit card fraud harder to pull off.”


Bonus: 14 Dog Posts From This Week That Are (More Or Less) Proven To Produce Serotonin – Buzzfeed




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