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Meet Fisecal

How to say it: fizᐧihᐧcul, as in “physical”

A message from our Founder, Lou Abrams

“We’re all aware that the 1% has access to financial resources that are unavailable for the rest of us. Having spent my entire career in private banking, I’ve seen how these resources and financial advice help grow their wealth.

Yet when my parents were working 2 jobs each just to put food on the table, where could they turn to for financial advice? Better yet, when I graduated college with 6-figures in student loan debt and massive credit card debt, who was there to help me manage it?

Not the banks! Not any financial advisor. Why? Because I didn’t have money for them to invest or to pay for their high fees.

And yet my story isn’t unique. Millions of Americans live paycheck to paycheck every month and have nowhere to turn to for financial advice. Entrepreneurs and freelancers don’t have access to the resources to help them manage their fluctuating incomes. And college graduates starting their first full-time job with massive student loan debt…how do they get the advice they need to get ahead?

These questions combined with my experiences are the reasons why I started Fisecal. At Fisecal, it doesn’t matter how much money you have or where you are in your financial journey. Our mission is to provide you with real-world financial advice that will help you achieve your version of financial success and nobody else’s.

Whether it’s answering your financial questions, teaching you how to budget, or planning your future, our Financial Coaches will be there every step of the way, with zero judgment and sound advice.

Come meet your dedicated Financial Coach today and start putting your money to work for you.” 

About our Founder, Lou Abrams

  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Held CFP® designation from September 2019 to October 2021
  • Spent Career in Private Banking at JPMorgan and TD Wealth
  • Paycheck to Paycheck Survivor
  • Certificate in Financial Planning, New York University
  • B.S. in Finance, Penn State

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“Raised in a middle-class family with money problems, I learned about financial stress at a very young age. I grew up watching my parents juggle multiple jobs just to support the family, while still never getting ahead at the end of the month. After college, I struggled with student loan payments while racking up credit card debt. 

At the beginning of my career, while working in private banking at JPMorgan, I learned first-hand how wealthier individuals think about money and the tools they use to ensure their money is working for them. I then applied that knowledge to my own personal finances, while continuing to read about, research and study financial planning. After many trying moments, I took a hard look at my money habits, slowly formed new ones and learned how to better manage my money. I eventually became financially secure and started planning for my financial future, while helping others understand and manage their own financial health.

As I began to explore my entrepreneurial side, I discovered an article about a woman who was previously in a similar financial situation and had conquered her money hurdles. She then decided to help others by opening her own financial planning firm. Fueled by my own passion for personal finance, I knew this was the type of company I would want to build. I also knew I didn’t want it to be just another financial planning firm. After extensive research and soul searching, I decided I wanted my company to make a bigger social impact. The company had to help individuals who couldn’t obtain traditional financial planning services due to cost or lack of investments. I also wanted my company to do more than just give advice on how to get ahead at the end of the month. The bigger goals were to 1) provide financial education, so that people could eventually manage their money independently, and 2) provide a safe space for people to talk through their financial fears.

By combining my private banking experience with the personal finance tools I’ve developed and refined over the years, I founded Fisecal, a company whose sole focus is to help individuals achieve their version of financial success.”